VII International Railway Conference EuroTrain
September 04-09, 2017, in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The purpose of the conference is to search for proposals and establish technical and economic cooperation with specialized domestic and foreign enterprises. The conference is also called upon to support and restore infrastructure facilities and rolling stock of UR based on the principles of public-private partnership and mutual benefit.

Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, PJSC "Ukrainian Railways", the railways of Kazakhstan, Germany, the Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia , USA, France and other countries, heads of private enterprises, leading scientists of educational and research institutions of participating countries, leading industry media.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Conference - Director for Engineering and Technical Support of JSC "Ukrainian Railways" Volodуmуr Krot.

We hope that you will participate in the UARail & Partners conference and come forward with relevant and promising projects.

Registration documents

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Preliminary program of the Conference

(Updates and adjustments will be added)

Sections of the Conference

«Rolling stock» «Infrastructure»
Operation and maintenance of railway rolling stock Support and maintenance of Ukrainian railway infrastructure (track facilities, automation and telemechanics systems, power supply) in modern conditions as constituent of safety of traffic
Overhaul and modernization as a way of updating and maintaining the reliability of tractional and non-taut passenger and freight rolling stock, as well as ensuring the safety of the transportation process New directions and perspective projects of railway infrastructure development: experience in implementing technical and organizational solutions of European countries
Innovative solutions in locomotive, wagon, passenger and suburban economy, as well as organizational bases and practical mechanisms for their implementation Cooperation of state and private enterprises to improve infrastructure conditions at the stage of reforming the railway facilities of Ukraine
Management of locomotive, wagon, passenger and suburban facilities at the stage of reforming the railway industry Management of ways, communications and electricity for the railway sector and dissemination of high-speed traffic

The order of the conference

Організатори та партнери конференції

Міністерство інфраструктури України

ПАТ «Укрзалізниця»

ПАТ «Укрзалізниця» НДКТІ

ДІІТ імені акад. В. Лазаряна

Інформаційне агентство «Центр інформації транспорту України»

Залізничне видавництво «Рухомий склад»

GE Transportation

Организация сотрудничества железных дорог

Міжнародний техніко-економічний журнал «Українська залізниця»

Міжнародний професійний журнал «Локомотив-інформ»

Міжнародний професійний журнал «Вагонний парк»


Центр транспортных стратегий

Contacts of Organizing Committee

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Valerii Sychov:

Тел.: + 38 (050) 404-69-57

Tetiana Mykolenko:

Тел.: + 38 (067) 576-51-91

Yuliia Pashynska:

Тел.: + 38 (093) 753-97-79

Yuliia Hyria:

Тел.: + 38 (099) 658-70-24